I’m returning to the  blogsphere after a long absence.  Although, I haven’t been submitting post on a regular basis, I continue to read and admire the great work being written on a daily basis.

Who am I?  I am a retired New York City public school teacher.  History, economics, and literature were the subjects that I devoted over twenty years teaching to students in Brownsville, Coney Island and Staten Island.  It was challenging, frustrating but I enjoyed every minute of everyday attempting to help young people find themselves and succeed in a very difficult world.

Politics, voting rights, state politics are a few of the subjects I hope to write about.  We are living in a period of reactionary politics:  how could a realty show host organize a viable campaign for the presidency?  Our government leaders have made it more difficult for people to vote; they are trying to restrict immigration into the country; Islamphobia is rampant across the land.  “The best lack all convictions, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity..” as has been written.

I would love to connect with the general reading public, and join the conversation about the future of the country, and how we all can get involved to strengthened our democracy.  Over the next year, I will hope to continue to improve my craft, and join the ranks of the many wonderful writers who are setting the agenda for this nation and the world.