Tommy Ford’s first break in film happened after he graduated from University of Southern California , and auditioned in 1989 for a part in Harlem Night starring Eddie Murphy, Redd Foxx, and Richard Pryor.  And, the rest is history.

Ironically, he is directing a film titled Conflict of Interests starring, of course, Bria Murphy, daughter of Eddie Murphy which will premiere this fall.   A screening of the film will be held Thursday, Aug. 6, at the a/perture Cinema in downtown Winston-Salem, N.C. as part of the National Black Theater week.

As part of the festivities this week, Mr. Ford presented a reading to elementary children and neighborhood residents as part of his “I’ve Got A Job Literacy Program” that emphasizes improving the self-worth and images of young black children.  He read from his children’s book I Am Responsible and I Am Beautiful to about 100 children and adults at the Malloy-Jordan Library in East Winston on Wednesday.

Born in Los Angeles, Mr. Ford, who is a director, author, actor and motivational speaker, has starred in several hit television series including Martin, New York Undercover, Jamie Foxx Show, The Parkers, Who’s Got Joke, and Let’s Stay Together.

Recently, he has been pursuing a long time dream and launched a series of award winning children’s books that are designed to promote healthy, spiritual, and non-violent living while guiding young people towards becoming better people.

“Two things that God gave everyone,” Ford told the young people.  “The power to choose, and the power to change.  “Young people you are beautiful, powerful and awesome.  I want you to choose success over failure, wealth over poverty, and education over ignorance…”