Purple for me a sign of peace and hope!!


I am walking down the hallway of my life with many doors on either side of me, behind each lies something.  Something that is not known until I open the door…hmmm which door to open and how to choose.

Each door looks different.  Is that a clue?  What’s behind that beautiful arched oak door with the rod-iron knocker or that gorgeous Robin’s Egg blue door with the oval hammered glass window that would fit a face.  Of course there’s the brilliant red weaved-looking door with the brass handle.

Does the color indicate what might be on the other side of that door?  Oak or golden ~ could there be treasures and riches thru that one?  Blue ~ does that represent happiness as in blue skies?  Red ~ you know there must be love behind that door, right?

What do I want for my life, riches & treasures, happiness, or love? …

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