I love this poem!!

Elan Mudrow


Ones that have touched me

With a smile

Soft and warm


Lips that have spoken

Of concerns,

Straight talk heard


The shape of a cry

Salt river, running down

To each end of your kiss


Sternness crumpled up

In a wrinkle

Of anger held in


Laughter submerged,

Bursting out

Into raw eruption


Hiding a tongue

Who dares

To search for my inner secrets


Bitten in frustration

Then licked

Back to life, healed


Brushed by fingers

Insecure, then

Trust built of tender breath


Lips heated, a hotness

Quenchless allure

I have been opened


Hushed by the myriad

Articulate silence

Speaks outside the turn


Lips form our orbit

Impressed upon

Paper notes from distance


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