Dear New South:

Commentators, historians, politicians, and intellectuals have predicted that you will be arriving soon to transform your older sibling into a more kind, gentler, and inclusive society.

Impatiently, I am waiting.

I’m looking forward to that day with great hope, as well as, anxiety. I’m hoping you will be the dawning of a New Age in my home region that will not only plant the seeds to change the old Confederacy, but, will change America.

It will be a time, I anticipate, that every child will be able to start out life on an equal playing field: provided a decent home, education, and the possibility of succeeding in any endeavors that he/she pursues.  It will be a place and time that will no longer find church as the most segregated place in America each Sunday.  A place where an African-American male will no longer be profile simply because of the color of his skin.

In this New South, no longer will neighborhoods be segregated based on race and class, where all children will be able to socialized and become lifelong friends.  Schools will be a space where children will be exposed to ideas, and learn critical thinking skills.  And, our society will teach history that will be inclusive and not create lies about heroic past that never existed.   Schools will no longer exist where black boys are suspended for minor infractions, and start pushing them into the school to prison pipeline.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you because the social health of my country depends on you arriving soon!


A.B. Nickerson