Within seconds, she could change her face into a “Chuckie” frown that could literally send chills through your body!  I have known her since she was a little girl, and she has this amazing ability to disguise or masked her true feeling. Her level of genuineness is so thin that you can literally see through her but she never reveals the type of person that hides behind the green eyes and fair skin.  Someone who can be sincere, yet dishonest.  A person who can hold a level of vindictiveness that can be deadly.  She can talk to you for several hours, and not really say a thing.  After she finishes rambling, you won’t be able to discern a thing she said.  Hypocrisy is her calling card!

She demands your attention when talking, but turns to her cell phones, and social media giving you a scant bit of attention, while you are talking — ignoring whatever it is you needed to say.  But she is aware enough that when you finish, whatever it is you were saying, she will start her conversation again, and not remember a word you said.  Your concerns are a missing 10 seconds in her narrow universe that is so transparent : with nuggets from the social media, gossip, rumors and innuendos that are repeated as truths.

In her world, the social media is the fountain of truths.   She touts being different, but really comes across as being typical, trite and unintelligent.  A great deal of her time is spent scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and various social media posts that she regurgitates as facts.  She says one thing, and immediately contradicts it.  “I am going to a meeting this morning,” she intoned.  “What is the meeting about?” She quips, “I don’t know I’m not going because they made me mad!”

She most closely acts and behave similar to the character Lisa Rowe in “Girl Interrupted”.  Her personality borders on sociopathic behavior that finds solace in chaos, disorder, and the power she has to manipulate other people, especially family members.