Staring at the blank page is tough.  To get beyond the block is gut wrenching like getting water from a rock.  the writer, i should say me, can find any excuse not to site down and write.  arrange furniture, getting a drink of water, checking your email.  the distraction are many — watching your favorite televsion program or sports broadcast…looking out the window.  But once you get pass that block maybe the ideas start to flow, and you can actually get something down on paper or the computer screen. thjat is after i call barnes and noble to check on buying writing to the bones.  if i can get that book my writing problems will be solve, can really began to stretch creatively..It is also 9 a.m. and i can get on the phone and call the bookstore,a nd take up 15 minutes to avoid facing the writing tasks!  I wonder if Hemingway, or Ben Hecht ( who in the hell is Ben Hecht? One of the greatest newspaper reporter/ writer/novelist/ screenwriters of the 20th Centurey.  Ever heard of Scarface or the Front Page.)  Writing leaves so much of yourself unprotected and causes so much fear as you want your audience to appreciate or respect what you have written.  i think some writers feel/believe it is a rejection of your own humanity.  But somewhere on anoterher level you reach that spirtual plane where you create art, and connect with the universal spirtual values that educate us all.  Boy Stephen King certainly broke any writing block many years ago.  How does he continue to crank out fiction, non-fiction, poetry(?) year after year.  He is an amazing writer.

I will committ to writing at least 15 minutes each day, and once those writing muscles have developed hopefully I will extend that time by additional minutes, or hours.  Does an artists ever get to the point where he ask him/herself is this the art form for me or am I deluding myself?

A.B. Nickerson