Writing can b e painful!  Sitting in front of the computer staring at a blank screen seeking thoughts, any thoughts.  Why do writers put themselves through this awful, agonizing process?  What do we have to tell the world?  Can we find some other way to speak to our audience?  Procrastination is the best anecdote to tackling the page.  Find anything to do.  Watch television, watch a thousand sports events..time wasters.. Anything but tackling the blank page. Put words on pages is like stripping naked and running down the middle of Times Square.  All of your warts, inhibitions, fantasies are put before the reading audience.  But we continue to write in some cases hoping for fame, in other cases just hoping to be of some positive influence on the world.. I wonder if Baldwin, Ellison, Tennessee Williams faced these same dilemmas.  I think one of the great writers was Ben Hecht who wrote the play “The Front Page”, and the screenplay “Scar face”.  He wrote for many years at the old Chicago Daily News where he wrote about crime, culture, politics when newspapers were great laboratories for writing and presenting the “first draft of history”.  What about the great Jimmy Breslin!  Tom Wicker who wrote so eloquently about the Attica Rebellion in a “Time to Die”.  But newspapers are dying, but the craft of great journalism maybe will live on in the blog sphere.  I would have love to have covered big city politics during the prohibition era the big time gangsters, and crooked pols.  Perhaps, I will discover the remains of Jimmy Hoffa!    I remember a scene from a movie about newspaper/journalism that I believe Humphrey Bogart was in.  Bogart and his newspaper had brought down the corrupt gangster, and as a denouement he sticks the phone into the press room as the presses started churning and Bogey said “you know what that sound is?  That’s the sound of freedom”