Texas License



The Civil War is not over!  A case is presently before the Supreme Court to decide whether the State of Texas can refuse to sell specialty plates with the confederate battle flag emblem on it.  By approving specialty plates with controversial message on it, is the state approving that message or is it the message of the individual?  Sons of Confederate Veterans, after Texas refused to issue a license plate with confederate battle flag on it, sued the state and won at the district level, but the state appealed the decision to the high court.  However, should the Supreme Court uphold the district court ruling would it open the door for other kinds of controversial tags, for example, with a swastika on it?

But some believe the courts should leave it to the states. http://archive.wltx.com/news/story.aspx?storyid=86610 This is a symbol of the “brave” men who wore the confederate uniform to uphold the principle of state rights.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Tx-D, House Judiciary Committee, said the SCV should find other ways to remember their confederate heritage.  She saod “..No one wishes to deny our history as a state. But we as leaders should take every opportunity to support that which unites our citizenry — not that which divides us.  Reminding those among us of their painful past has no place in celebrating our great state.”