What does the Confederate Battle Flag represent?  It depends on whose lens we look through.

African Americans view it as a symbol of racism, and oppression.  Why?  The Southern Battle Flag is a reminder of the antebellum period in which blacks were exploited, oppressed and murdered by the planter class.  All black people were treated as property to be sold, dehumanized for the benefit the Southern aristocracy.

But Southern whites view it as a symbol of an era that provided them with power over blacks in which enrich themselves off black labor.  The Civil War, or as most southerns call it the “War of Yankee Aggression”, ended that era and culture.

Some critics argue that the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) had appropriated and misused the symbol to advocate racism.  But, the movie “Birth of A Nation” that many claims was the greatest movie every produced portrayed the Klan as heroes saving the South-land from carpetbaggers and uppity blacks.

Where do we go from here?  Maybe,those that support the symbol can find private spaces to bring reverence to what they view as a symbol representing their culture and pride.

The Southern Battle flag should not be flown in public spaces such as parks, government bulidings, or schools which is supported with taxpayer dollars