I’m a retired New York City school teacher who recently relocated to North Carolina.  Blogging allows me to stay engage in the public affairs, and add my voice to the conversation about various topics of public policy.  I taught U.S. History and Government so I have a strong interest in history, public policy, and the concerns surrounding issues affecting the African-American and other minority peoples.

Any topics involving government, and public policy I would like to write about.  As baby boomer, and part of the migration from the South in the 1950s, I have a broad perspective that I can offer my reading audience.  I think my readers should have a positive, and balance view after reading my posts about southern politics, art, and culture.  Although I will be based in North Carolina, I envision a blog where I can write about any subjects that grabs my imagination whether its in North Carolina or North Dakota.  A throwback to the days of journalism, if anyone remembers, when Charles Karault, a North Carolina native, would board his van and travel to all parts of the country reporting on interesting people, places and events!  I believe the program was called “On The Road” with Charles Karault!

If I blog successfully through the next year, I will have reported on N.C. politics and culture providing a fun, and interesting perspective on the South which is rapidly changing.

Finally, I will have established pattern of reporting everyday, and hopefully developed a growing readership to Twin City Post.